Friday, March 13, 2009

FM reception in summer

These 4 months signify a better commercial FM radio wave ( 88-108 MHz ) reception in western region (Jamnagar & Kutch districts).
Reception is clear from late evening to early morning .
(the reason might be varied humidity profile in atmosphere ; ionosphere in particular during this season which aids FM transmission over long distance - expert review still required to justify this fact or say , observation) 
All one needs is a good FM receiver and some elevation. 
Piece of wire attached to normal radio antenna and connected to an aluminium rod of 1m length at other end ; kept on terrace also helps.

city fm (89 MHz) karachi
unknown channel (91 MHz) karachi
radio city (91.1 MHz) ahmedabad
highway fm (92 MHz) hyderabad-sindh 
big fm (92.7 MHz) rajkot
s fm (93.5 MHz) rajkot
radioactive (96 MHz) karachi
vividhbharti (96.7 MHz) ahmedabad
radio mirchi (98.3 Mhz) rajkot , ahmedabad
fm 100 (100 MHz) karachi
fm 101 (101 MHz) karachi
vividhbharti (104.2 MHz) rajkot
mast fm 103 (103 MHz) karachi
unknown channel (104.2 MHz)
hot 105 (105 MHz) karachi
hum fm (106.2 MHz) karachi
apna karachi 107 (107 MHz) karachi

Reception of these channels is clear in this region. FM channels of Ahmedabad are received clearly only in early morning ; and Rajkot radio mirchi which is on the same frequency is more clear.
One more observation when i was in Kutch ; clear reception of Mumbai FM channels in Bhuj  ! (clarity was at its peak during midnights in month of May).
Most of the karachi channels play bollywood movie songs with pakistani ads and jingles in between ; city fm 89 and radioactive 96 plays pop-jazz tracks. I recall 'pity the nation' by Khalil Gibran .... well , at the second thought , there's no meaning to it ; we all are the end users of technology as far as telecommunication field is concerned.

Talking about collection and variety ; vividhbharti is number 1. Other channels go on playing selected old songs.
Shubh-ratri ,
Jai Hind ! 

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  1. Humidity is higher in Monsoon but reception is poorer! Otherwise logic seems good enough.
    Why aluminium? Copper can work too, in fact better conductivity and more easily found in old wires!
    I wonder what our Govt has to say about FM. I can recall they have placed jammers for P TV.

    What a pity, that nation wants to destroy us, but they use our creations for entertainment!!!!

    Vividhbharti has better collection because they are oldest among them, I guess! They bought rights years ago!


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